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Shanna Dinsmore

Shanna was born and raised in a Christian home in Louisiana by parents who loved Jesus and faithfully served Him. She became a believer as a young child and felt called to ministry at the age of 8. Shanna grew up in an Independent Fundamental Baptist church, attended an IFB school, and graduated from an IFB college. After a season of various trials, her journey out of the IFB began.

She started studying scripture for herself and found her heart captivated by the beauty of the triune God that is woven throughout the biblical passages. She is passionate about women knowing the Word and loving God with all of their heart, soul, mind, and strength. She believes that the Bible is for everyone and that theology is not a spectator sport for women. Shanna is married to Jon-Eric, and they have two children, Emma and Oliver. Shanna is a homeschool mom and writes curriculum for various ministries at her church. They live in Dallas, Texas where they attend and serve at The Village Church.

Kristen Fessler

Kristen grew up on the mission field of Panama and from an early age was taught the Gospel. She became a believer as a young child and has spent many years serving in different ministries. She went to Baptist Bible College in Springfield, MO where she attended the church that would become pivotal to her growth and discipleship. There, she learned how to study Scripture and the importance of accountability in the believer’s life. That began an ongoing journey of reading the Bible for herself and learning as much as she can about who God is and the impact that should make in our daily lives.

She can talk your ear off about God’s goodness and how we can see it displayed in every situation.  She is currently a member of Redeeming Grace Church and is recently married to Matthew, who is the most loyal listener of Grow in Grace. She also, like any good millennial, loves coffee, plants and her dog. She is always open to good book recommendations because her TBR list isn’t long enough.