Season 3 Ep 07: Finding Contentment in a Fallen World

Show Notes

We understand that dealing with disappointment can be incredibly difficult. Sometimes, we can feel absolutely devastated by unmet expectations. But then we read in Hebrews to “be content with what you have”. How do we reconcile the two? How can we be content when life is disappointing and not how we had hoped it would be? God gives us the secret to contentment no matter what our circumstances in His Word. He is good and faithful and doesn’t command us to “be content” without giving us the grace and means to walk it out.

Embrace your life:How to find joy when the life you have is not the life you hoped for. – Elizabeth Woodson

Now and Not Yet : Pressing in when you’re waiting, wanting, and restless for more. – Ruth Chou Simons

Embrace the life God has given you (Video) – John Piper

The Envy of Eve: Finding Contentment in a Covetous World – Melissa Kruger