Season 3 Ep 06: Enduring Chronic Illness with Brittany Allen

Show Notes

There are so many people living with chronic illness. Our world is fractured with sin and we feel the effects regularly. The aches and pains in our bodies and of this world are a stark reminder that God created us for something more beautiful and eternal. Our body longs to be home in the true resurrected body.

Yet in the midst of suffering, we can find hope in the gospel. We can rejoice that we do not face the pain of this world alone and one day, the Lord will return and make all things new with no more grief and no more pain. In this episode, we are joined by our friend Brittany Allen, to discuss her journey with chronic illness, God’s goodness in the midst of suffering, and the hope of the gospel. We hope this episode encourages you.

Every Moment Holy Volume II:

A Liturgy for those enduring lasting pain

Where can I go, but to you, Jesus?

And who but you can come to me?

Either take this pain away, O Christ

Or enfold me in the embrace of your Spirit

And cradle me through it.

For I cannot bear it alone.

I cannot bear it alone.